On-Demand Webinar: Comprehensive Geomechanical Modeling for Improved Wellbore Stability

Ensuring a stable wellbore is key during the drilling and production of oil and gas wells. Since a large amount of NPT (non-productive time) is directly related to geomechanical issues, the ability to forecast wellbore instability before, during and after drilling enables you to mitigate failure and substantially reduce or eliminate costly mistakes.

Learn about:

  • The key parameters of a well-centric geomechanical model
  • Wellbore instability estimation as a function of mud weight and drilling direction
  • The impact of production on wellbore integrity

Jeremy Riou

Jeremy Riou
Technical Advisor, Baker Hughes, a GE Company

Jeremy currently provides advice and support for BHGE's upstream software solutions. He has a broad experience in building and reviewing fit-for-purpose geological and geomechanical models used by multidisciplinary teams for optimized appraisal and development of hydrocarbon resources.

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